Edible Plants and Memories of Minna Lee, part two*

Text and photos by Renee Kasinsky and Tina Gram; Text by Harold Snedcof, photo by Marjory Wunsch; text by Linda Harris, photo from Lee/Levy family album

*second of five parts (so far) with responses from friends and family to my request for photos and text related to edible plants in the life or remembrance of Minna Lee (1917-2005) prompted by her birthday August 23.

Renee Kasinsky: Minna always served great salads and generously shared with family and friends. Salad vegetables: tomato, basil, rhubarb:

Tina Gram: The only time I met Minna was at the house in Falmouth and I recall she cooked up quite a meal. She enjoyed cooking and shared generously with Deb’s visiting friends. It was a memorable evening and made special by Minna’s presence. Garden photos (six, captioned):

harvest-green beans, rainbow chard,
and zinnias
Grape arbor

Harold Snedcof: Now to get to your mother’s love of plants- I remember fondly her chopping up rosemary and then placing the herb on roast beef in your kitchen at the house in Little Silver.  The combination was delicious.

table with squash and rosemary, photo by Marjory Wunsch

Linda Harris: And my fondest thoughts of your wonderful wonderful mother, I did really love her! So warm and welcoming and supportive! What a mom! 

Miriam’s farm: Miriam, Mark, Aaron, Minna, 1983?

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