Edible Plants and Memories of Minna Lee, part one*

Photos and texts by Ellen Kramer, Barbara Nachmias-Kedesdy, Judy Morris, Barbara Gold, Sandy Millikin, Ethan Gould

*one of five parts, so far, with responses from friends and family to my request for photos and text related to edible plants in the life or remembrance of Minna Lee (1917-2005) prompted by her birthday August 23.

Ellen Kramer: The box in the backyard where I grow herbs and vegetables has given me many happy hours.  This summer’s heat and drought has stressed many of the plants living in the box.  The cherry tomatoes in the attached picture have grown up to the first-floor window despite adversity. It is a joy to be back there watering the plants and eating ripe little tomatoes warm from the sun. 

Sandy Millikin: The pictures are of my tomatoes with the first Pink Brandywine nearly ripe. The Sungolds have been pickable for a week. But no ripe green zebras yet ……….tomorrow’s lunch will be the Pink Brandywine with basil and olive oil and perhaps mozzarella! As I enjoy it I will be thinking of Minna.

Barbara Nachmias-Kedesdy: Happy birthday, Minna.
Both photos feature plants from our garden. Arugula and basil, pine nuts, and ricotta salad (left), Tomatoes ripening for Caprese salad (right)

Ethan Gould: Reviving the blog in memory of Grandmother is a great idea.  I’m sure she would be proud of you! Attached is a picture I took on Sunday of the tomatoes on the vine in Michele’s garden plot.

Lora Myers: My backyard basil…such versatile leaves! This year’s abundance will yield lots of freezer pesto and tastes of the sun in winter.

Fig on Fig Tree from Judy Morris

Judy Morris: One little fig on the fig tree.

I love my small herb garden mixed with portulacas, one of my Mother’s favorites.

Barbara Gold: Minna Lee and her family were my most important influences outside of my family. Their home was an informal salon of kids, artists and writers. Bern showed us interesting new gadgets – the first Waring blender I’d seen. They were open-hearted, open-minded, encouraging and always interested in what we were doing, thinking, feeling. A true blessing!

Minna and Bern at Goldschmidt’s celebration, 1965

Minna raking Vale Homes yard garden, 1942? (copy from worn-out old photo)

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