Edible Plants and Memories of Minna Lee, part four*

Photos and text by John Miller; Text by Brad Gurman with photo by Bernard Lee

*fourth of five parts, so far, with responses from friends and family to my request for photos and text related to edible plants in the life or remembrance of Minna Lee (1917-2005) prompted by her birthday on August 23.

John Miller: Happy birthday to my Aunt Minna! Attached is Wendy (Adams) in her veg garden (enclosed to keep the baboon out).  Located in Wilderness Heights, South Africa, if you want to locate it.  Spinach, lettuces of all kinds, cabbage, celery, onions, much more …

Courtyard plants and herbs
Courtyard plants and herbs 4
Entrance 1
Entrance 2
Wendy in her garden

Brad Gurman: I do have the fondest memories of your mother’s cooking in general, but more her willingness, no, a strong desire or need to explore any fruits and vegetables and after a short visit to Japan, sushi and octopus.  I still recall my often hesitation to try new things, but confidence to try anything she prepared.  My apology, but I have no photos of any of these memorable events. (note from DL: Bernard Lee’s 1984 photo from our album fits with your comments!) Thank you for the opportunity to recall her memory.  Happy Birthday to Minna.  

copy of a photo by Bernard S. Lee 1984: Minna hosting New Year celebration

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