Brattle Square Florist, from Recent Past toward Promising Future

On a rainy evening in Harvard Square, May 2019, I responded to a sudden assignment in a smartphone camera class by taking photos inside Brattle Square Florist. As one of countless devoted customers for more than forty years, I had secretly dreamed of somehow documenting the special qualities of its long tall corridor packed floor to ceiling with a great array of plants. In this mesmerizing space, staffed by busy but always available family members, I would reliably wander choosing flowers for my home or gifts for others.

To celebrate the survival of Brattle Square Florist after a precarious time, I now share some photos from that evening along with quotes and links (with pertinent photos) to convey their current heartening story.

“Last month’s announcement that Brattle Square Florist would be closing on January 31st led to an outpouring of support from its customers and the community. Moved by that outpouring, Stephen Zedros, the longtime manager at Brattle Square Florist, put plans in place to take over the business and maintain operations without interruption starting February 1st. “ (quote from Cambridge Chronical-TAB story by William J Dowd, Wicked Local, Feb 8, 2022)

“The Gomatos Brothers, Zedro’s grandparents, opened Gomatos Brothers Fresh Produce in 1917. …. In the 1970s, the family switched over to selling strictly flowers and plants. For years, Zedros’ mother, Catie, and her brother, Ted Gomatos, kept Brattle Square Florist in business and kept it thriving in Harvard Square. “ ( quote from Harvard Square Business Association News, Jan 28, 2022)

“The store will ……. relocate steps away to 52 Brattle Street. Zedros noted, “Brattle Square Florist has been operating in Harvard Square for over 100 years and I’m planning to lay the foundation for the next 100 years.””( quote from Harvard Square Business Association News, Jan 28, 2022)

Key Resources

GOOD NEWS! Brattle Square Florist to Remain Open

Once slated to close, Cambridge’s Brattle Square Florist returns to family that opened it 105 years ago

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