Join in Praises for Roses in Vases

Earlier in January, when I asked friends for photos of indoor plants, Sandra Millikin sent three from her home in England. All were roses in vases, each bouquet distinct and inviting. Her titles and evocative captions added context. The words and images suggested significant stories behind the roses’ arrivals and arrangements.

October Roses

October Roses: Next to my Highgrove favourite china mug for tea bought in August when visiting Prince Charles’ garden

Florist Flowers

Florist Flowers: On my kitchen upstand sent by nephew in Hong Kong….struggling to revive after delivery!

November Roses

November Roses: On my coffee table….still blooming in late mild autumn cheer me up

Sandra’s offerings reminded me that I hadn’t yet done a post that focused only on roses though they are key pleasures in the world of plants. Her trio of photos inspired me to consider roses that came to me as gifts in recent years. I recalled how involved I became in settling them safely into certain vases. Below are three photos from my home, along with hopes that I can follow up with further posts that reflect our winter appreciation of plants.

Ceramic pitcher by Tina Gram containing one of many roses sent by my sister Bec in June 2021
Glass vase holding roses from a big bouquet of many more blooms from my sister in November 2021
Many vases in my kitchen filled with more than a dozen roses from my sister, February 2021

Returning now to another photo from Sandra Millikin, including her observations below.

Antipodean Roses (from Austraila)

Antipodean roses from the garden of my friend Gerry’s daughter in Victoria near Melbourne. These from a time when they were all in lockdown.  You can see how wonderfully they have opened in that blousy way typical of garden roses. Florist roses struggle to do this. And I love the mix of shapes and colours. 

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One thought on “Join in Praises for Roses in Vases

  1. Deb, you have delivered a delightful spectrum of beauty. I enjoyed this presentation so much. I am passing it along to several friends who agree that flowers do make us happy.
    Many thanks for the excellent work you do.



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