Sunflowers from Past Summers

Cambridge, late August 2019

Museum Street, Cambridge, late August 2020

Crescent Street, Cambridge, August 2015

Drumlin Farm, Lincoln, July 2018

Sacramento Street, Cambridge 2019

“For Holmes, the sunflowers represent a radiance that “sustains us even when things are not how we want them to go.” The flowers serve as a metaphor for heliotropism—“turning to the light.” They attract bees. They’re said to draw toxins out of the ground. With the profusion of seeds the flowers produce and their deep roots, they symbolize the hardiness of Roxbury. “These flowers intend to survive and they intend to come into being and share their great beauty.”“(quote from Greg Cook interview with Ekua Holmes June 2018)

Photos above are selected from more than seventy photos I’ve taken of sunflowers in the past seven summers. Quote above is the force and source of this post.

Published by deborahlee713

writer, educator, museum volunteer; My camera and I are reflected in the blue globe within the sculpture installation,"The Sky is the Limit" by Geoff Nelson. From slideshow in post: HISTORIC AND CURRENT ART AT CHESTERWOOD

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