Upbeat Plantings Grow along Upland Road

On neighborhood walks this spring and summer I began to notice tended gardens in the narrow strips of earth between sidewalk and street. Then I noted the sense of shelter from traffic as I climbed the slope of Upland Road lined with clusters of flowers or grasses around saplings or established trees.

Parts of parked cars and road signs intruded on too many photos where I’d tried to capture the elegance or abundance at curbside. While closer focus ruled these out, those photos lost context of dealing with the challenges of the given space.

Whether or not my photos can convey this, I do appreciate more and more such garden strips on streets throughout the city. Upland Road raised my awareness anyway.

Published by deborahlee713

writer, educator, museum volunteer; My camera and I are reflected in the blue globe within the sculpture installation,"The Sky is the Limit" by Geoff Nelson. From slideshow in post: HISTORIC AND CURRENT ART AT CHESTERWOOD

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