Community Garden, Northampton Street, Boston, 2018 and 2019

To follow my own blog rules, I’ve somehow selected seven photos from very many I’ve taken during years of visiting this wonderful community garden, where my family members tend a productive lot. I keep marveling at the dense collections of splendors and surprises surrounded by city buildings.

Though trying to focus on photos and refrain from verbal facts, I welcome questions, comments, suggestions, corrections, and connections. Thank you!

Why, When, How

Behind this Blog

I signed up for this slot last year when it showed as a fleeting bonus to my basic blog, Art Outdoors, on WordPress. It promised a solution to my urges to post pictures of plants that did not fit within my own constraints on what to include as art, which ruled out “the art that nature makes” no matter how amazing. Just knowing that the spot awaited was reassurance enough until this November, as the last leaves fell and faded while the prospect of renewed pandemic restrictions rose. So here goes…

..with a few self-imposed restrictions to keep myself from wandering too far into the weeds..

No more than one post per week

No more than seven photos per post

No more than one short paragraph to introduce the photos

People, pets, buildings, and artwork can appear but not as prime purpose:

Share and show plants that bring pleasure to me and other people.

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